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Otto 2983

Otto has arrived at his foster home in Frederick, MD and is currently recovering from his recent neuter surgery. He met many people during his transport up north and all of them raved about his wonderful temperament and good looks!  Everyone who meets him, seems to fall in love. 

Otto is settling in nicely and doing well with crate training. He interacts well with other dogs and seems to enjoy their company.  He interacted with cats in his prior foster home, but became overly stimulated by their presence, so we do not recommend placing him with cats at this time. 

Otto does well with respectful children of all ages. He is, however, a very large dog and may easily knock them over. Dog savvy children are recommended. Otto tends to jump on people when made overly excitable. This is likely a learned behavior that was encouraged as a young puppy and is now something that needs discouraged. We will be working to address this during his stay in addition to leash skills.  Otto is already showing great progress, but can be headstrong and will require an owner with strong leadership skills and follow through. Otto is often overly concerned with distractions in the environment and will take it upon himself to bark at people walking by. Continued training is strongly encouraged to help build better communication, teach impulse control, and maintain obedience skills. Otto thrives when given direction and purpose and will do wonderfully with an adopter who will continue to shape him into the amazing companion he is!




German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

1 Year 7 Months


Virginia Beach, VA

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