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Boo 3008

01/06/2024: If you're looking for a pair,  Benji and Boo have become quite the duo!

Boo and Benji (not a bonded pair, but our two fosters) are house trained, get along with other dogs, both young (puppy age) and are hoping to find their forever homes. It didn’t happen before the holidays, but they still believe it is possible soon. Benji is a real shepherd, wants to look after his flock and is very gentle and playful. Boo is a puppy, very cuddly and cheeky. Walks well on leash.

Boo was found running with a pack of stray dogs in TX scavenging for food.  SSR was able to save four of them. 

Boo has made the trek north and is being fostered in MD. She is a charming, smart and happy young lady. She loves cuddles and learns everything super fast. She already knows to sit and not to table surf. Boo settles in the crate nicely without complaining. She has no accidents at home and sleeps in her crate 9 pm to 7 am with no problem. 

She is looking forward to meeting her loving family soon. She has so much love to give. Boo gets along with other dogs and is very smart. She walks well on leash, too! 



If you are an approved adopter and are interested in this dog, please let your case worker know. If you are not yet an approved adopter but are interested, please complete an adoption application!

If you are viewing this animal on Petfinder, please see our organization’s Petfinder home page, linked below (on mobile) or to the right (on desktop), to read about our adoption process and to start your journey!

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American Foxhound / Mixed (medium coat)

10 Months


Bethesda, MD

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