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Charlie 3024

Update from Charlie’s PA foster:  He is turning out to be a very different boy than I was expecting. I thought I was getting a quiet, shy dog who keeps to himself. Turns out he is Mr. Velcro and loves to give kisses! He is so sweet. Charlie keeps an eye on me when I take baths and cook.  He doesn’t jump or try to take food but does take some if I offer him a taste test.  He is the biggest sweetheart and is so thankful for any love and attention.  He’s doing great on walks and doesn’t pull at all.  He lets me enter and exit doors first so I think he may have been trained at some point.  Charlie wants you to know if you adopt him, he would like a raised dog bed.  It’s all the comfort he’s ever dreamed of.  Oh - and his foster can vouch that he is okay with water.  Charlie recently jumped in the bath tub with her while she was bathing! 

Charlie's story is a very sad tale to tell.  He was surrendered to a very small, terrible TX shelter in July and spent months there ill. The good news is he is now safe with a TX foster after being rescued by SSR.  Charlie is doing much better physically but mentally he is totally shut down.  His foster mom says he is just so sad.  Sadness like she has never seen.  Right now this boy is incredibly quiet and calm.  He will barely acknowledge anything happening around him.  His foster mom even introduced her plumber to Charlie thinking maybe he preferred men.  Charlie didn't acknowledge him either. We don't know what happened to Charlie but we know he is struggling to just live through it.  He is in the the best hands with his foster mom.  We will keep you posted on Charlie's progress.  


If you are an approved adopter and are interested in this dog, please let your case worker know. If you are not yet an approved adopter but are interested, please complete an adoption application!

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German Shepherd Dog

4 Years


Kingston, PA

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