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Mela 3115

I'd like to officially introduce everyone to SSR Mela. Mela has been with us for three days now and we are beginning to see what a gem she truly is! This girl is not only stunning but has a really great temperament and wonderfully sweet personality. I have not seen any behavioral concerns to date. Mela has been social and playful with all the dogs she has met, both large and small. She is said to have done well with cats in her previous foster home. I have seen prey drive towards squirrels. Mela does well with dog savvy children of all ages. She is shy and timid and can use some work building confidence, but she does warm up quickly with a little encouragement. Mela is housetrained and does very well in a home environment. She has been a lovely house guest and enjoys quietly laying on her bed. She is not destructive and is very polite. Mela is crate trained and does seem to enjoy the comfort of her crate. She settles in quite quickly with little vocalization. Mela is low-mid energy level for her breed. She does well with moderate physical exercise and stimulation, but is happy to lay at your side after a good walk or play session. If you think Mela sounds like your perfect match, please put in an application or contact your caseworker. This girl is a total sweetheart and deserves a great new home ❤️


If you are an approved adopter and are interested in this dog, please let your case worker know. If you are not yet an approved adopter but are interested, please complete an adoption application!

If you are viewing this animal on Petfinder, please see our organization’s Petfinder home page, linked below (on mobile) or to the right (on desktop), to read about our adoption process and to start your journey!

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Belgian Shepherd Malinois (short coat)

1 Year 2 Months


Frederick, MD

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