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WE NEED TO RAISE $4,000 TO cover his current recovery and upcoming surgery costs.


I was found on the side of the road with two ropes around my neck. I'm just a puppy, and if typing me up 24/7 wasn't bad enough... my owners never bothered to size up my rope collars... So as I grew, the collars grew deeply into my neck.

Now I have one of the worst embedded collar injuries that Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue and the Veterinary Staff have ever seen.

The vet told SSR that it would cost $4,000 to save me... SSR told them that even though they wanted to, they didn't have the $4,000 needed to save me.

....but I don't want to die...

Please, can you help save my life? I don't want to die.

warning: graphic photos below

Left to wander the streets with a rope collar so tight it sliced into his neck, this pup was fortunate enough to be spotted by a kind local Animal Control Officer.  He was picked up and immediately taken to the nearest veterinary hospital.  The Animal Control Officer affectionately named him Handsome, and did everything within their power to save him.

However, this injury is severe, and while the ACO covered Handsome's ER expenses - to which we would like to give a HUGE shout out of gratitude - they could not continue covering the weeks of ongoing recovery and surgical repairs. 

Handsome's injuries are severe - some of the worst we've ever seen. Images below depict the severity of his injuries. 


Do not scroll down if you cannot handle seeing extreme open wounds.

keep scrolling for graphic images


Please consider donating to help us save his life!

If you cannot donate today, please consider sharing your own Facebook campaign for Handsome's life-saving surgery!

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