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homeless dogs

of shenandoah shepherd rescue

please consider fostering an ssr dog or sponsoring their care.

Brook 2824.jpeg

We have 138 dogs available for adoption. Yes, you read that right, one hundred thirty-eight dogs. This is quite possibly the most we have ever had at one time, and it's not a good thing.


Shockingly, 45 of those are puppies under 6 months old. Overcrowding in shelters is so insane right now that even puppies aren’t safe - they're being surrendered for euthanasia.

When we saved these dogs from euthanasia, there were a lot of offers to assist... but no foster applications were submitted.  Everyone who committed to helping them disappeared. 

We are desperately begging  - please help us find these dogs find a home.

these are just a few of our dogs needing homes... can you help?

Chiclet 2669

If you're interested in a relaxing evening next to a woman who turns heads, I'm your girl.  I might be a sweet, middle aged gal, but let me tell you... I still make the people chatter when I walk about.  I hear them talk about the beauty of my gait and the impressive red sheen of my coat.  You don't find many German Shepherds of my impressive beauty for adoption very often.  So why am I still alone? 

I've been told my jaw makes people dislike me.  Come on... you can hardly even see anything wrong with my jaw.  Is that really a reason I shouldn't be loved?  

I've had many people promise to adopt me when they've spent hours with me at adoption events - but I never see them again.  I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong... 

Chiclet 2669.jpeg
Frosty 2744.jpeg

Frosty 2744

Hi, friend! The name's Frosty! I'm about 5 months old, and wouldn't ya know it, I've never had a home of my own.  I was surrendered with my siblings when I was a young puppy, and they've all been adopted... it's just me now.  I've been alone for months. I really don't understand why no one wants me.  

I'm just a big 'ol puppy... so why doesn't anyone want me? I've heard some people say I have no manners because I have too much energy and like to jump. But if you came to visit me at my home and gave me a chance, you'd see that I can learn and I'm full of love! Everyone that meets me at SSR adoption events says I'm so sweet and they love me... but none of them have ever tried to adopt me.  Is there something wrong with me?  Am I going to grow up in rescue forever, never getting a family of my own?

trigger warning: drowning 

Brook 2824 and Bayou 2823

This is a terrible story - and one that happens too often in southern Texas. Sweet Bayou and her sister, Brook, are the only two survivors of a liter of 10 puppies.  

A kind citizen contacted SSR in a panic that their neighbor was drowning puppies!! She took them from him immediately - but there were only three left alive. She had no money to help them, and nowhere to put them, but knew she couldn't let them drown. We stepped in immediately.  The puppies were nearly lifeless. If being drowned weren't enough - they even ended up contracting parvovirus. 

After the trauma of being drowned and then contracting parvovirus, only two of the three survived.  While we're heartbroken over the loss of the other 8 puppies, we're so glad these two have a second chance.

Can you give them the future they deserve? One full of love, safety, and full bellies?

Brook 2824.jpeg

Please consider fostering, adopting, or sponsoring one of our many dogs in need. 

If you cannot foster, adopt, or donate today, please consider sharing our dogs in need.  You can also start your own Facebook campaign to sponsor their care!

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