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The base of any successful rescue lies in the foundation of its volunteers.  Without volunteers like you, we cannot continue on our mission to save the voiceless.  We are so grateful for each adn every one of our volunteers for the roles they play in assisting and rescuing the dogs of SSR.  

We are always seeking active and motivated volunteers, and we encourage you to join our team! 

What Does VOLUNTEERING Mean and What Is needed?

What exactly does volunteering for SSR mean? It means you'll become part of an incredible community of animal lovers just like you!  Together, we'll work together to save the lives of the suffering and neglected dogs of South Texas. From networking, training, and administrative support to transporting dogs (and everything in between), we need you!

the opportunities to volunteer are numerous!
There are so many ways you can volunteer and make a significant impact within SSR. Whether you have 1hr a week or 20, there's a place for your unique talents & motivation.

VOLUNTEERING saves lives

Just like foster homes, volunteers are critical to the success of our mission. Without volunteers, our organization would grind to a halt - they're that important!  By volunteering with SSR, you're directly contributing to the number of dogs we - as an organization - can save from euthanasia and suffering.

you make a direct positive impact on a dog's future

We take in dogs that have experienced abuse, cruelty, neglect, abandonment, etc. As a volunteer, you have the chance and opportunity to be part of this incredible experience. 

Wondering how YOU CAN Help?

If you're wondering how you can help, check out our most frequent volunteer areas in need of support.  This is not a comprehensive list, and if you can offer anything not listed below, we can definitely use your help!  Please consider applying today. 

TikTok Creator

Good at making TikToks? We need your help! As we grow our TikTok Community, we really need support in this area.

event coordinators

Love hosting events, or want to start hosting events for SSR?  We're always in need of event coordinators from all over!


Local to the greater Virginia area and like transporting dogs & donations? We need you!

Foster Support

Love gift giving? This flexible opportunity includes distributing supplies & collecting donations our fosters need!


Do you have experience training people? We're looking for folks to help us perfect our training processes & procedures.


Do you live in or near the RGV and are available to help transport dogs? We really need you!

Submit your VOLUNTEER Application

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