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Bosco 2898

Bosco boy is a perfect pup. He's about 8 months old and weighs in at 35 lbs. He is super smart and guess what -- He is dog and cat friendly! Size doesn't matter he loves them all! Some dogs may not like his 'in your face' puppy approach but you know how puppies are.  Bosco is crate trained and sleeps through the night. By 7 AM, he ready to eat and head out for his morning potty break. He is definitely all puppy with his hops and low crawls when he gets excited, Ask him if he wants to go for a ride - he's right there, ready to roll.  He will hypnotize you with his big green eyes - Take me home, take me home. Are you ready to take him home yet?  When it's time to relax, grab a soft blanket and Bosco will be right there for snuggles and some TV time with you. Bosco is ready for his forever home.  He's waiting patiently for his best buddy to find him.  Could it be you? Bosco is up to date on his vaccinations.  He is heartworm negative and will be neutered soon. 


If you are an approved adopter and are interested in this dog, please let your case worker know. If you are not yet an approved adopter but are interested, please complete an adoption application!

If you are viewing this animal on Petfinder, please see our organization’s Petfinder home page, linked below (on mobile) or to the right (on desktop), to read about our adoption process and to start your journey!

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American Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed

11 Months


Hedgesville, WV

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