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Lexie 2986

Lexie was rescued from a neglect case in Houston, TX. Someone had seen her walking with her “owner” down the street and stopped to ask about her because it was clear that she was not being cared for. She was extremely malnourished and was missing a lot of hair. 

After talking with the owner, he was willing to surrender Lexie to the person who stopped to ask about her, so that she could be better cared for. The finder reached out to many local rescues and was unable to find anyone to take her in. She messaged SSR on Instagram and we of course knew we had to help Lexie. 

Lexie will be traveling to Virginia in November 2023 where she will be available for adoption. She is heartworm positive, but will be treated at SSR’s expense. 


German Shepherd Dog

7 Years 1 Month


Lebanon, PA

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