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Maverick 3088

Maverick has had quite the bumpy road getting here but he is still the absolute perfect gem that was saved from the euthanasia list in Houston. His write up is very late getting up here on the website but his story has been posted on SSR's social media so hopefully you remember reading about him there! Maverick is probably one of the more misunderstood GSD's that we have had in a while. However, we have finally done right by him-or at least we think we have him figured out! Now we are looking for his perfect family. Our initial impressions of Maverick were spot on-his TX foster had a good read on him. A brief recap on his history is he was a last-minute save from the euthanasia list at BARC Houston and his shelter picture is attached. He was brought in with a few other strays and had been found standing watch over one of his buddies that was unable to stand. His shelter name was Rex and he had some pretty torn up ears and looked like he had been involved on the receiving end of some recent dog attacks. A local woman saw that he was going to be killed after only being there 3 days and asked SSR to help. That is how he came to be known as Maverick! She picked him up that day and 2 days after that he went in for surgery to fix his torn ears and be neutered.  He is incredibly smart and also a very kind soul. He craves affection but also needs guidance and structure. He is basically a giant puppy! Even though he is estimated to be 5 years old, he acts like a puppy and is still trying to figure out the world and his place in it. Prior to going to our professional trainer, he did not have much socialization. He was picked up as a stray but we sensed he was owned previously as he knew basic commands and how to walk on a leash. His foster nursed him back to health and his physical scars healed and with the help of our trainer, he is now becoming the amazing dog he was always meant to be. He does not have a prey drive as he was exhibiting upon arriving at the foster home in VA. Videos are attached of Maverick with both chickens, cats, and a small dog. Based on his previous reaction to smaller dogs in a previous home, living with smaller dogs in a home may not be ideal but we are still figuring that out. Are you the perfect home for Maverick?? If so, please let us know. He is looking for someone who is experienced with German Shepherds because he is still learning everything from scratch and you cannot let his size, strength, or charm distract you from that. Maverick loves structure and guidance and loves playing ball even more!! His paws are absolutely HUGE and he has the most adorable prance. Maverick is e-collar trained so his new family will need to continue with that training. The trainer is located in Nellysford, VA and provides ongoing support so please be aware of that when considering adopting Maverick.


If you are an approved adopter and are interested in this dog, please let your case worker know. If you are not yet an approved adopter but are interested, please complete an adoption application!

If you are viewing this animal on Petfinder, please see our organization’s Petfinder home page, linked below (on mobile) or to the right (on desktop), to read about our adoption process and to start your journey!

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German Shepherd Dog

5 Years 3 Months


Nellysford, VA

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