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Blue 3098

Texas has the most special dogs waiting on death row… only the lucky ones are given the chance to find their happily ever after. SSR rescued Blue so he could begin his journey. Adopt Blue and be his forever family and give him his happily ever after! 

3/11/24: U pdate on Blue! Poor Bluey has been diagnosed with giardia, coccidia, and hookworms. And that is on top of fighting off the multiple skin infections!  

In spite of all that, he is doing really well. His skin is starting to look better and he is acclimating to the house. He appears to be housebroken which is awesome!
I’ve also decided that Blue views cats as a fun thing to chase and catch so I would not recommend him for a home with cats. We are working on that but he will probably always have a prey drive. He had a great time chasing one of my chickens who was silly enough not to go in the coop. Thankfully, the chicken was fast!
Blue loves the kids and loves people. He does great with us cleaning his wounds and loves his treats!! He also loves toys and enjoys having another dog to play with.
3/17/24: Blue is doing great!!! His coat is growing back in and his skin is looking so much better!! His tummy issues are resolving and he's eating like a champ! His sweet goofy side is really coming out now. Blue loves to play. He also enjoys stealing the bath mats out of the bathroom and turning those big mournful eyes on you to plead with you to let him counter surf while you're making dinner. He is housebroken and is going to be a great family dog! Blue is crate trained and sleeps through the night. He is ready and willing to meet his new family as soon as they appear!




If you are an approved adopter and are interested in this dog, please let your case worker know. If you are not yet an approved adopter but are interested, please complete an adoption application!

If you are viewing this animal on Petfinder, please see our organization’s Petfinder home page, linked below (on mobile) or to the right (on desktop), to read about our adoption process and to start your journey!

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German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

1 Year 2 Months


Mount Airy, MD

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