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Meet Whitey

Whitey, seemingly lifeless, exhibited critical conditions with a PCV of 10% and required immediate transfusions. Her body temperature was so low it could not be detected for over 24 hours. It was truly a miracle she survived the night.

Whitey's harrowing journey began with an urgent call for assistance in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) on October 1st. A distressing video revealed an emaciated German Shepherd, Blackie, with a severe facial wound. The property owner callously admitted to shooting and poisoning dogs, expressing a desire to be rid of them. Moments later, another video surfaced, revealing a lifeless puppy, later named Whitey, lying in the dirt. The plea for help marked the inception of a critical mission by Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue to save over 25 neglected dogs on "Billy's Street."


A major setback came on October 16th when Whitey tested positive for distemper. The news was devastating, prompting concerns about the contagion spreading to the other dogs. However, Whitey, showing incredible resilience, defying expectations. The medical team was astonished by her recovery, and she exhibited progress each day, standing and walking.

In the following days, updates poured in. Whitey's condition remained precarious, with tremors, glucose instability, and blindness in one eye. Financial challenges loomed, with unexpected expenses reaching $10,000 in one night.

Whitey's journey, marked by suffering, resilience, and the collective efforts of SSR, underscores the ongoing challenges faced by neglected dogs in the RGV. The call for support continues, with Whitey's story serving as a reminder of the need for compassion, advocacy, and lasting change.


Rescue Date: October 1st 

Whitey, a survivor with a heart full of courage. Dumped on the streets, she battled distemper, but with love and care, she triumphed. Explore Whitey's journey and consider being a part of her ongoing story.

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