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DocuSign Contracts: Sending Electronic Adoption Contracts

Note: The new electronic contract requires payment as part of the contract itself. When you get an email that the contract was completed, it means they were able to successfully pay electronically and the dog is free to go home with them!

Adoption Fees

Check out this video and it’ll walk you through the entire thing!

Keep in mind hitting “finish” will send it to the adopter. If you’re pre-filling the contract before a Meet & Greet, you’ll want to hit “Finish Later” when you’re done. If you’re currently with the adopter and are ready to have them pay and complete their part of the contract, go ahead and click “finish’. It’ll then email the adopters a link to access the electronic contract and finish their portion.

How to Create an Adoption Contract

To access and select the correct Adoption Contract for your foster dog, click here.


When you click the image that matches your dog’s age, a form will come up. In the form, you’ll need to complete two sections: SSR Representative and Adopter.

  • Step 1: Under SSR Representative, enter your name and email address.

  • Step 2: Under Adopter, enter the Adopter’s full name and email address.

Note: Leave the information under ‘Adoption Finalization’ as is. Do not alter.

  • Step 3: Select ‘Begin Signing’.

Once you select ‘Begin Signing,’ you will be prompted to complete your portion of the adoption contract.

Once you complete your portion of the adoption contract and select ‘Done,’ the adopter will be automatically emailed to complete their portion of the contract.

Included in their portion of the contract is the requirement to pay online via the contract - you will not need to physically collect payment from the adopter. Once your adopter has completed the contract, they are cleared to leave with their newly adopted dog!

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