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Rescue Dogs are Good Dogs

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue Dogs are Good Dogs Too

Have you heard the rescue dog rumor? They say rescue dogs are "broken" or "bad". Whether you've heard this rumor or not, we're here to tell you it's not true! The truth is, rescue dogs can be some of the sweetest and most loyal dogs you'll find. Read on, because we're about to debunk the most common Rescue Dog Rumors!

Rescue Dog Rumor #1:

You don't want a rescue dog, they were dumped for a reason.

Not all rescue dogs find themselves dumped. Some are victims of irresponsible breeding through a lack of spay & neuter. These dogs were born on the streets or under trailers - having never even known the love of a family and a full belly.

However, many dogs are dumped by their owners. Generally, this is through no fault of the dog. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons we see dogs being dumped:

  • We just don't have time to give them the attention they deserve.

  • We have too many dogs.

  • We got a new puppy.

  • They got sick and I don't want a sick dog.

  • We had a baby and don't have time for the dog anymore.

  • We are moving and can't take them with us.

  • We are getting divorced and neither of us want the dog.

The list can, and does, go on...

None of the aforementioned reasons are reasons which mean the rescue dog is "bad" or has anything "wrong" with them. The only thing these dogs were guilty of was being owned by a family who could not commit to their care and well being.

Rescue Dog Rumor #2:

Rescue dogs end up being more aggressive than other dogs.

Many people believe that rescue dogs are automatically more aggressive than other types of dogs. This is untrue. There are so many good, friendly, lovable dogs in shelters across the country (and the world). Some of the sweetest dogs we've ever met come from shelters, and some of the nastiest human aggressive dogs we've ever met came from prestigious breeders. You can't judge a book by its cover, just like you can't judge a dog by where he or she is from.

Rescue Dog Rumor #3:

Every rescue dog suffered physical abuse at the hands of humans.

You cannot judge a rescue dog by its past, as many of them have been through a lot in their lives. This one gets a lot of people. Often you adopt a dog assuming its been abused. In fact, one of the first questions we get from prospective adopters is "Was Fido abused/neglected?" or when prospective adopters come to a Meet-and-Greet, they say, "Oh, look at how Fido cowers when I put my hand up or moved quickly - he must have been abused." This isn't always the truth. Dogs have personalities just as humans do, and while it's true that some behaviors can be learned from abusive and negligent prior homes, not all shows of fear are a result of previous abuse.

However, there is some truth to this myth in that rescue dogs HAVE been through a lot. Imagine the trauma a young child might feel being dumped into a loud concrete cage with other screaming children - dumped by the only family they've ever known - and left. It's traumatic, even if the dog's life was previously amazing and full of love. This is why building a relationship based on trust and love with your new rescue dog should be at the top of your "To Do" list - way before thrusting them into uncomfortable situations like dog parks or gigantic family gatherings.

If you're thinking about adopting a rescue dog, do your research and visit your local shelter or animal rescue organization (like us!) to meet some of the incredible pups waiting for their forever homes!

Other Ways to Help

If adopting not an option right now but you still want to help save the lives of animals in need, check out these options:

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